Making Your Own Poultry Plucker?
You Will Not Find A Better General Purpose Plucker Finger Than the Kent C-25

(Updated: July 2022)
Face & Side View of Kent C-25 Poultry Plucker Fingers

End View Showing Raised Crisscross Tips

My family has been selling these Kent C-25 medium-durometer-hardness rubber plucker fingers to people all over the world since January of 2007. We have sold hundreds of thousands of fingers. The Kent C-25 is the best all-around chicken, turkey, duck, and goose finger on the market.

The C-25 design was developed by Kent Tomlinson in the 1940’s. Kent fingers have a unique elliptical-taper-shape with a distinctive raised crisscross in the tips.  Not only do these fingers pick feathers remarkably well, they have a reputation for durability and longevity. This is due in large part to the high-quality, natural-rubber formulation Kent uses.

I recently read the comments of a man on the internet who said that the fingers on his six-year-old poultry plucker were breaking and he needed to replace them. They were NOT Kent fingers. The Kent C-25 fingers in the tub plucker I built 20 years ago are all original, and not one has broken. They have plucked many thousands of birds, and look like they have a lot of years left in them.

Also, Kent C-25 plucker fingers are USDA approved for use in food processing equipment (documentation can be sent upon request).
Kent fingers have been made in the USA by the same small family business since 1944. Kent is the oldest and most renowned plucker finger manufacturer in the world.

I have been contacted by other people who want me to sell their plucker fingers. They tell me that I can buy their fingers for less. But I'm not interested in selling cheaper fingers. I'm satisfied selling a reasonably priced finger with a 50 year old reputation for durability and efficiency. You will be satisfied with these fingers too.

Kent C-25 plucker fingers are designed to fit through a 3/4" diameter hole. The insertion groove around the base of the finger is 1/16" wide, but the finger will stretch to fit though and grip onto material up to 1/4" thick (click here for directions to make a simple but effective finger puller). Once installed, the finger will project 3-1/8".
The C-25 fingers I sell are general purpose poultry plucking fingers. They are medium-durometer-hardness rubber. They are suited for plucking chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks. But they are too hard for plucking thin-skinned game birds like quail.

You can order C-25 plucker fingers online right now with convenient online order buttons. Or, you can send payment through the mail. Click the appropriate link below for full details.